Curved Sofa,  2021



Curved Sofa, 2021

Shaped by an organic development , Eda-Mame is a furnishing element with a strong impact created by a sculptural design that can give great incisiveness to a space. A single object that is a fusion of three types of seating – high-back chair,
easy chair and pouf.
Its threefold nature lends Eda-Mame extreme versatility in both residential and public settings, and can also highlight areas for co-working, passage and short stays, like hotel lobbies. Made of moulded foam, Eda-Mame is upholstered in a stretch fabric with a light stitching. The support base is made of crosssection wood connected to each other by a bar.

  • Product Code : [AR]370S
  • Type : Curved Sofa
  • System : Aurora
  • Year : 2021
  • Dimensions : L 370 X W 100 X H 90 CM
  • Material : Wood/ Fabric


  • Architect : Reparametrize Design    
  • Design Lead : Ziwar Al Nouri
  • Team : Mohammad Jumaa