Jasmine Tower

Dubai ,UAE

Reparametrize Studio envisioned a new luxuries residential experience. By a dynamic optimization studies to form a spine inspired by jasmine veins branching, that cling to the interfaces, enabling smart automation of the flats and a controlling system of the tower. The oriented folds gives each flat it’s unique experience by a variety of eye catching views throughout the city of Dubai.

Housing a series of integrated dramatic spaces, the unique oriented flats by the dynamism rotation of the core spine, formalizing the two stories Spa through high folds, up to the city view open pool and amenities, and down to the tower’s reception lobby, and outdoor spaces. Rotating as it rises forming 64 residential flats generated from distinctive spiked outline to create their floor-plates; the corners of the slabs are shown overhanging planted balconies on the levels below.

Jasmine Tower forms a part of almost 38,000 square meters and rises 60 meters high with 22 floors above, and 3 floors under the ground. The bold intensive effect of the design is creating a structural smart supporting system considering artificial intelligence home automation systems that achieves ecological efficiency. The floors serve to reduce solar gain while adding a sense of dynamism and lowering energy consumption also using Kerto LVL wood that allows open  interior spaces and lower carbon foot print .


The building explores the possibilities of using smart technologies to generate power, using piezoelectric technology within the slabs supported by the main bold spine to generate energy from vibrant frequencies of residents movements and activities, as well as the performance of solar power generation in cooperation of insulated Low-E Double glass façades and automated shutters that seeks to comfortable thermal performance. This in term lowers the general energy consumption for such buildings, giving a new vision of smart residential design.

Jasmine tower Core Spine is enhanced by a high performance cabling system, which connects each level to Maximize efficiency, achieving a luxuries experience by automation solutions for lightening, thermal and acoustic comfort.

Aiming to an integral element of the Future Smart City Life redevelopment, that Reparametrize Studio have been tackling for a while, to create a new civic, residential luxuries experience, maintaining safety, security and enabling connectivity using wireless mobility, to be connected to the city while sitting at home.