Faihaa Complex

Damascus ,Syria

In the Northwest of Damascus “Fihaa village” consists of a collective social housing. The project is composed of 20 apartment blocks 11 stories high. The main blocks are interconnected by volumes composed of loggias and balconies, while a secondary block of intermediate housing 2 to 3 stories high is set back at the rear of the project and completes the composition organized around a central garden occupying the center of the project. The positioning of the blocks in relation to the street creates a staggered set-back from the public space. These spaces ae planted with trees lining the street as is typical of the neighborhood. Every apartment block has an independent entrance and hallway in order to have a maximum of 4 apartments per landing. The majority of apartments benefit from a double or triple exposition and all apartments have large balconies. The choice of materials is voluntarily reduced to a minimum: glass, concrete, wood and metal.


Moumina Jawish
Bilal Beghdadi
Amir Sultan