In(ujima) Landscape

Inujima , Japan

Inujima is a small island in a quiet inland sea called Seto Naikai. You can walk around the entire island in about 1 hour. Once flourishing with industries as copper refining and stone quarrying, it is said that this small island had a population of 5000 people. However along with the decline in the industries, the population followed to decline and now there are only about 50 islanders. The average age of them is about 80 years old.

For all the revitalization projects staged on Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima – explored through contemporary art and architecture –  the islands now welcome about twenty to thirty thousand visitors per year.

Extending and enhancing its respected culture of arts that currently exists, the project envisions a series of performance spaces located at contextually different areas of the island. Each performance space is typologically stimulated by its environmental symbiotic relations.

Working in the forest, behind the village’s houses.
I envisioned a Kabuki Theater, driven by the characteristics of this unique location.


Luca Beltrame