Ziwar Al Nouri


Mohamad Ziwar Al Nouri is an Architect and Computational Designer with expertise in Parametric Design. He holds two masters’ degree –one at ELISAVA specializing in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture (ADDA) at 2012, and the second one in 2014 at Studio Zaha Hadid at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (IOA). Studying under the mentorship of the late Dame Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher, he developed great understanding of parametricism and its capabilities to define space and form. He later on studied under Studio Kazuyo Sejima as well. Furthermore, he has lectured as main Tutor of both Studios, contributing greatly to a rich international environment of Computational Design and exchange of knowledge.
In order to enhance his skills in Computational tools he extensively used programs and control processes such as Rhino, Grasshopper, Python scripting, Rhino- Cam, and Kangaroo
Ziwar Founding Partner of “Reparametrize Studio” which is established with his partners at 2017 which is span from design, research, consultancy, publication to project realization, with the help of advanced parametric design, VR/AR enhancement, and rapid prototyping technology, the studio established an innovative, integrated, articulated design methodology, aim to improve rapid development and coexistence in new era of technology. Based on the design principle, the studio dedicated to solve side effects and problems caused by the constantly changing of the world.

Currently Ziwar is a PhD Candidate at Universitat Innsbruck; he is developing his Master’s thesis (Damascus Re-Coding). Which achieved an excellent grade, his research is based on find new typology of strategies concept build for the Post-War Syria.
Furthermore, Ziwar is a collaborator of The Lab of Emergency & Sustainable Settlements (LESS) that is based in Ottawa, Canada, a Non-profit organization that works on developing new models of emergency settlements for future refugee crises, and has been a lead assistant in Global summer school in IAAC 2014, and as a main tutor in several workshops, and lecturer in a different Universities.