A Cooper Hewitt exhibition showcases the act of peacemaking around the world

Reparametrize Studio’s Recoding Post-War Syria exhibited its research at Designing Peace, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, which represents a more contextual and iterative approach in which habitable spaces are built into the shells of bombed-out buildings, integrating local construction practices and incorporating endless rubble as its starting point. The process involves open-source 3D scanning and modeling of existing buildings—wartime “as-builts”— that in turn fold historic documentation into the process of rebuilding. If successful, this approach could have global applications through organizing and raising awareness of the incremental, decentralized, anonymous local labor that enables survival in the world’s many new ruins…….. Read article

Reparametrize’s Founder Ziwar Al Nouri is one of ten selected scholars at the 2021 Sustainability Workshop at the Norman Foster Foundation.

Reparametrize’s Founder Ziwar Al Nouri got a grant as one of ten selected scholars to attend the 2021 Sustainability Workshop at the Norman Foster Foundation , as part of the Education and Research Programme of the Norman Foster Foundation with the support of the RolexInstitute.
The workshop asked the question “How can the field of design shift its relationship with sustainability from one of scarcity and limitation towards abundance and possibility?”
“I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity to meet an exceptional person and one of the best Architects in the world ,the star Architect Lord.Norman Foster and to learn from him ,who I’ve always considered as my role models since I was a student. and very honored that I met Lady Foster ,and the amazing people and team from different parts of the world to discuss, debate and work on the problem of sustainability from different visions, and to share the space with some of the most brilliant architects from the Norman Foster Foundation” Said Ziwar Al Nouri ..….. Read more

“House Re-Coding” is one of the 300 World Best Practices on Sustainability and Innovation .

“House Re-Coding” chosen by the International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Entreps is among the 300 World Best Practices on Sustainability and Innovation for this 5th edition of the Global Entreps Awards and 5Gcitizens International Congress ,which it selected from 5,000 candidates around the world…….. Read more

Reparametrize Studio instills a new post-war smart building system as vital cores.

Reparamertize Studio followed their ongoing methodology “Re-Coding Post-War Syria” with a new innovation “Re-Coding Smart Building” . This project focuses on a moderated damaged building to regenerate a new post-war building system, the key design intervention for this existing four-stores building was the insertion of a vibrant central garden courtyard with Kerto LVL Wood (Laminated veneer lumber) forming a full integrated system by adding this green component in the damaged building elements, such as slabs, columns, and elevations while maintaining the elements which are in good status. ..….. Read article

Interview: Reparametrize Studio on using AI for Syria’s post-war reconstruction.

Meet the international architecture and research platform applying 3D scanning for the post-war smart city redevelopment of Damascus.Shortlisted for Tamayouz Excellence Award’s Mohamed Makiya Prize 2020, Reparametrize Studio is a network of architects, researchers, experts and partners based between Damascus, Beirut, China and Vienna who strive to achieve well-articulated and unbiased research that promotes a sustainable post-war smart-city redevelopment plan for Damascus, Syria..….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio is one of the shortlist of finalists for the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2020.

Reparametrize Studio is officially named by Tamayouz Award Excellence as one of the shortlist of finalists for the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2020, also known as the Middle Eastern Architectural Personality of the Year.
The award is given to individuals and organisations who have promoted, encouraged, campaigned or influenced (directly or indirectly) the advancement of architecture and the built environment in the Middle East between 2017 and 2020. Part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award programme that champions the best of architecture in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, the annual prize is named after the prolific Iraqi architect Dr Mohamed Saleh Makiya.….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio Reveals Innovative and Smart Post-War Housing System, Using Advanced AI Technology

Part of Reparametrize Studio’s ongoing research on “Re-Coding Post War –Syria”, “House Re-Coding” is a new generation of housing solutions adaptable to the post-war cities. Focusing on innovation, collecting comprehensive infrastructural and socioeconomic analytics data through Artificial intelligence, the project seeks to envision the future of post-war cities, as a Smart urban development where all different actors come together, using the existing, and still useful, urban fabric..….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio Re-Generates Smart Outdoor Urban Spaces For Extreme Climates In Abu Dhabi

Reparametrize Studio emulated a new sustainable smart system to cool urban public spaces, facing the challenge of prohibited activities due to extreme climates and direct solar radiation. Oriental past decades curated fascinating Traditional Cooling Systems that succeeded in achieving sustainable and comfortable environments for indoor and outdoor spaces. Therefore, it was the starting point of this intervention on an Urban Area in the City of Abu Dhabi. Creating a system inspired by the Traditional Arab House and Desert Oasis, based on scientific researches, advanced site analysis, anthropology, social studies and teamwork.….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio Transforms Traditional Damascus House With Smart Technology In Syria

Damascus-based design, research and consultancy firm Reparametrize Studio has unveiled plans to transform traditional Damascus House with smart technology in Damascus, Syria.
The city of Damascus is the oldest inhabited capital in human history and has witnessed a cultural legacy throughout the city. Today it contains a large collection of archaeological sites and more to be the Islamic architecture, 100 archaeological sites that produced one of the most important formations of the city.….. Read article

‘‘ The Role of Parametricism in Postwar Urban Reconstruction ’’ by the Principal, of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), Patrik Schumacher

Reparametrize Studio invited the distinguished global architect ,the Principal, of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), Patrik Schumacher for an online live lecture about ‘‘ The Role of Parametricism in Postwar Urban Reconstruction ’’
The lecture was hosted by “Echo of Children”/ Re-Coding Post-War Syria -The summer school course by Reparametrize Studio & hcuhamburg Universität Hamburg Hamburg in Germany .  .….. Watch the Lecture

Reparametrize Studio Proposes Twisted Residential Tower In Dubai

Damascus-based design, research and consultancy firm Reparametrize Studio has unveiled proposal for a new, luxury residential tower in Dubai. Called Jasmine Tower, the studio applied a dynamic optimization studies to form a spine inspired by jasmine veins branching, that cling to the interfaces, enabling smart automation of the flats and a controlling system of the tower. “The oriented folds gives each flat it’s unique experience by a variety of eye catching views throughout the city of Dubai,” said Reparametrize Studio. .….. Read article

The Fundamental Role of AI in Current Post-War Reconstruction

Reparametrize Studio has been tackling this subject for a while, mapping destroyed cities in their ongoing research entitled “Re-coding Post-War Syria”. The firm’s work was first exhibited at the 8th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen curated by Carlo Ratti Associati, which explored the evolving relationship between urban space and technological innovation, between cities, people, and machines…….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio Envisions the Future of Post-War Smart City

Reparametrize Studio has followed up their ongoing research “Re-Coding Post-War Syria”, with a project that focuses on analyzing the damaged fabric of post-war cities through 3D scanning technologies. Taking a Street in Zamalka Town in Damascus, Syria as a case study, the investigation can distinguish the areas in need of reconstruction from the areas in useful conditions.….. Read article

Reparametrize Studio and Digital Architects Re-Code Post War Syria

Reparametrize Studio and Digital Architects have created an exhibition combining photography and 360-degree projection mapping, to showcase destroyed cities, part of the 2019/2020 Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture. As Ziwar Al Nouri, Founder of Reparametrize Studio stated, the project underlines the different possibilities “when numbers meet Architecture and Culture and help us improve human life and the future of our city”….. Read article

‘re-coding post-war syria’ uses 3D scanning to map the future of damascus

unveiled at the 2019/2020 bi-city shenzhen biennale of urbanism and architecture, reparametrize studio and digital architects have collaborated to create the ‘re-coding post-war syria’ exhibition. the multinational team of syrian, lebanese, austrian, bulgarian, ukrainian and chinese architects have showcased a unique set of images that shows the work in the destroyed city of damascus, through the combination of photography and projection mapping.….. Read article