About Us


Reparametrize Studio, founded in 2016 by Mhd Ziwar Al Nouri and his international partners , it is a network of a young  architects, researchers, experts coming from different parts of the world and connected through Universities in Europe where they have been pursuing their higher degrees in Design and Architecture under the mentorships of late Dame Zaha Hadid ,Patrick Schumacher, and Kazuyo Sejima. Each member put forward views based on the experiences of the countries to which they belong. The unique style of project management contributes to Reparametrize studio recognized brand as a firm that is able to deliver high-quality products that make a difference. The Syrian office was created with the vision to participate in the rebuild of Syria and the whole of the Middle east area.

Reparametrize Studio is a global company with establishments in 4 countries – Syria, Lebanon, Austria and China. Our global vision is to introduce state of the art technologies in the Architectural discipline. The multi colours and nationalities of this group, define the title of our framework and identity. What we see now, is the logical outcome of many previous decades that are still living in the past, with old visions and old language. What we are trying to achieve is re-generating the way of thinking to establish a New Vision, New Language, New concepts.






Our Mission

The Reparametrize Studio span from design, research, consultancy, publication to project realization. Reparametrize states the attitude and core value of the practice that the research is not just accept what it is in the state of art design manner, it practices parametric design but reorganize and reinvent the value judgment, it reconstructs the design process in order to response to more complex question in realistic condition, it reunites the innovative mind and practical hand to work together in order to make new contribution to the profession.

With the help of advanced parametric design, VR/AR enhancement, and rapid prototyping technology, the studio established an innovative, integrated, articulated design methodology, aim to improve rapid development and coexistence in new era of technology. Based on the design principle, the studio dedicated to solve side effects and problems caused by the constantly changing of the world.

The studio work as an equal, flat de-centralized system with inter-disciplinary cooperation, strong reasoning procedural and rigorous research system. It is a strong network of architects, researchers, experts and partners. Together the multiple objective of design could be taking care of and making a new alternative to the future.