APT 113 / Reparmaetrize Studio

Damascus ,Syria

Our newly renovated apartment is located in an old area facing a slope of a high mountain in Damascus, Syria, with an area of 180 square meters. Lighting and ventilation are the issues that the design team specially considered when redesigning the apartment . The main idea was to regenerate an old apartment by designing it in a modern vintage way with a mix of the ideal traditional Syrian house properties, which consist seizing natural ventilation and daylight, using local materials such as wood, dolerite, brick, and granite. The design endeavors to create a harmonious and lively environment for its residents.

The Lack of natural daylight was a challenge that was dissolved by wider elevations, The large window towards the outdoor terrace provide sufficient daylight, airflow and a great sense of transparency to the entire ground floor spaces and a direct axis to the terrace, with beautiful scented green veins of jasmine flowers climbing the exterior walls, which considered the symbol of Damascus city.