Coworking space

Barcelona ,SPA

Set between the Douro River and the city, the building evokes a mix of local architectures: the patio greenhouses and the clear material typical in the Oporto region. Thus, the load-bearing walls and the transparent roof – made of steel beams with photosensitive skylights which allow one to work permanently in natural light – coexist with slim steel pillars and curtain walls. The construction has three fragmented levels which are stepped in terraces extending along the slope. One reaches the building via different staircases, while multiple staircase links the different levels of the work space. The space is fitted out as a study and meeting area, open onto a terrace with views on the Douro River. On the top of the transparent roof, there are three blocks – containing conferences, meeting and administration functions – creating a different spatial quality, including public plazas and views on the landscape.




Andrea Carniti