Jasmine Tower

Dubai, UAE, 2020

Jasmine Tower

Dubai, UAE

The design approach of this project was inspired by the desert oasis, whereas the space is organized around a central void that acts as an oasis hosting what would be the living area, enriching the movements inside, and ensure natural light reach every corner of the building.

The design of this ‘oasis’ started with the idea of a falling water droplet into the building, creating different voids, and offering diverse spaces and various situations. The resulting architecture forms one unified element yet reaching an organic sense of randomness, creating a new experience of space with a rhythm of flickering shadows and lights. This approach helped us to create different levels and spaces into the place, that can be adapted as seating areas or terraces, while enjoying the landscapes and the surrounding areas.

The building features two opposite entrances-openings, in the southern and northern facades. It stems from the wish to create a visual continuity increasing the perception of depth and blurring the distinction between inside and outside.

The entrance hall area has double height to achieve the visual relationship with the upper floor. Service areas, and showrooms’ units surround the main spaces, leaving center solely for the events where it can fit small kiosks, that can attract not only the visitors but also the local residents.

The function of spaces changes gradually following the sequence; starting from entrance and waiting hall; it leads to the transparent showrooms’ units. The transparency of these units allows visitors to get an overall idea, and Visually connecting the interior and exterior.

The primary design idea of the external southern façade was inspired by the Arabic calligraphy, creating a familiar atmosphere, and giving a feeling of originality, whereas it connects the visitors with their roots and culture.

  • Jasmine Tower

  • Type : Competition
  • Location : Dubai, UAE
  • Programmes : Residential, Mixed-Use
  • Year : 2020
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Credits

  • Architect : Reparametrize Studio
  • Design Lead : Ziwar Al Nouri
  • Team : Mohammad Jumaa