Marissa Villas

Dammam, KSA, 2020

Marissa Villas

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The design approach was to exploit local spirit and smart space design solutions, concerning land components ,site parameters and weather conditions in KSA . The design of each unit was carved to let natural sunlight , filtered ventilation , and green components ,preserving privacy, through interior breathing patios.
The design illustrates the roughness of dessert lines and the vitality of palms and palm fronds , using these curves to give shades and privacy enclosures to the exterior facades.
Merging Modernity and Saudi Tradition and linking with social and environmental effects of traditional architecture , giving spiritual identity to the spaces by horizontal transition of privacy ,and adding architectural elements perforated with traditional patterns.

The interior spaces was carved using a new optimization of traditional materials to form a vault like component made of Local Arabic Gypsum and installed on metal mesh ,giving hall view of entrances and carving interior spaces ,permeated by national sun light , and green components. Each unit has 3 levels of privacy , public landscape , semi public rooms and views , and private zone.

  • Marrissa Villas

  • Type : Competition
  • Location : Dammam, KSA
  • Programmes : Residential
  • Year : 2020
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Credits

  • Architect : Reparametrize Studio
  • Design Lead : Ziwar Al Nouri
  • Team : Mohammad Jumaa, Sara Faraon, Louay Saker, Muaz Shbat