Museum of Arts

Between Lisbon and Spain, at the hub of the axis that connects the center and the south of the country, there is one of the most traversed and yet least known places in Portugal – Montemor-o-Novo. If you want to explore the Castle, enter from the way of the Porta da Vila (Town Gate), get to know its surroundings, walk undisturbed in the magnificent area, step by step, and a big infinitive view is will appear in front of you. From this point a cut in the landscape will allow you to immerse yourself in this infinitive landscape. On this public terrace you have a unique view on the ruins of the Palace of Alcaides, ruins of the old village/Town hall, and, on your left, there is the Possible Moorish Slaughterhouse. The museum is an introverse monolitic block of Portugal Stone, excavated by three patios which allows the light come inside, creating a special condition. To access the museum, take a delicate staircase. A green patio connecting yourself with the exterior landscape will appear in front of you. The museum‘s whole program is developed around the central patio. The office has a special access. The auditorium, library and workshop are mirrored on the other side.


Andrea Carniti