Salzburg, Austria, 2022


Salzburg, Austria

Our design approach is to create unit from nature , merge with nature and end up to nature’s interest ,so the main concept of our project is the nutrient cycles to address climate change and resource depletion and waste all at the
same time, helping us cut fewer trees, emit less CO2, send less to the landfill, and perhaps one day eliminate the concept of
waste altogether.
using biomimicry to emulate nature’s closed loop system and trained fungi, nature’s master “recyclers,” to help decompose all of the “waste”.
We used the material that makes insulation from mycelium (the “root” structure of mushrooms). Their building materials are more affordable and outperform current products on the market.
  • MYCELIUM Tiny House

  • Type : Competition
  • Location : Salzburg, Austria
  • Programmes : Residential, Interior
  • Year : 2022
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Credits

  • Architect : Reparametrize Studio
  • Design Lead : Ziwar Al Nouri
  • Team : Mohammad Jumaa, Hummam Rakab