Parametric Ceiling

Damascus ,Syria

The Reparametrize Studio works on the concept of creating focal points within the flowing ceiling in the Venuse cafe. The ideology of commanding the monolithic curves as per the design and placement of the plate was to initially conceal the heavy structural members at the site as well as provide a design harmony to the viewers path of the latest lighting and art design trends at offer. The design was inspired by the waves of rippling water, Water dripping or water ripples in a pond. Considering the fact that the interdisciplinary researches have a strong focus on computational design, likewise the ceiling has been created by computational algorithms. The aim behind this algorithms is to generate infinity typology and forms by creating flexible structure system. The ceiling has been designed and subsequently structurally analyzed using grasshopper and Karamba software. The design derives from a 2D grid (6x6 m) and this grid divided into 28 rails, each rail consists of 27 fixing points to become the total fixing points is 746 points, which have been connected vertically by a single screw. Each screw carry a single (20x20 cm) stainless-steel plate and was fixed on rail by bolts. The heights of the screw ranging from 10 to 50 cm around 40 types of length. This kind of fixing allow to create many geometries and forms. The structure of grid has been materialized by a iron frame of 4x4 cm square cross section, made by welding together 4 pieces of 2 m length and 6 m width, were the plate was materialized by mirror stainless-steel of (20x20 cm) and thickness of 4 mm. The stainless-steel sheet (2x1 m) was divided into 50 pieces and cutting by gilotina cnc machine.