Parametric Tessellation ceiling

Baalbek, Lebanon

RPZ is a consultancy firm with a focus on unique designs, interior and point of sale spaces. RPZ offers design and planning services, as well as complete interior build out solutions through a strong network of partners for fabrication and construction. Architecture for RPZ is the creative translation process of complex requirements of the client into individual and suitable designs. The Firm combines its unique expertise in the field of automated fabrication and computer based planning with a deep understanding of traditional craftsmen technology in order to deliver outstanding and efficient architecture. Efficiency means to conceive designs that are sustainable and appropriate for the material involved, as well as executing a project economically and in due time.

The interior design of this glamorous retail store in Ba’alabak city balances the power of spatial experience and functionality.

This challenge was met by creating two distinct experiences,  one experience focuses on perfect symmetry and multiplication of perspectives via the repetition of mirrors.

The other experience sculpts space with a black and white geometric stalactites like ceiling center piece that acts as a provocative window display and doubles as a functional merchandise area.


Ziwar Al Nouri