Foliapp is an iOS and Android application which serves as a versatile digital archive of the project’s design process and details of *Folias. The app showcases the biological research conducted at the onset of the project, the initial design concepts, and the final project in detail. Foliapp allows the user to view the different parts of the project in 3D giving the user the possibility to pan, zoom and orbit around the 5 main aspects of Folias (substructure, membrane, mechanism, choreography and lightning) making it easy to understand how Folias works through videos, images, and 3D models of the project and its parts ,and using Augmented Reality technology.
Foliapp is developed by Ziwar Al Nouri on the Unity3D platform.
*Folias : Kinetic Pavillion Project by Studio Zaha Hadid Vienna


Ziwar Al Nouri