Re-Coding Smart Oasis

Abudhabi, UAE, 2021

Re-Coding Smart Oasis

Abudhabi, UAE

Reparametrize Studio emulated a new sustainable smart system to cool urban public spaces facing the challenge of prohibited activities due to extreme climates and direct solar radiation. Oriental past decades curated fascinating Traditional Cooling Systems that succeeded in achieving sustainable and comfortable environments for indoor and outdoor spaces .Therefore, it was the starting point of this intervention on an Urban Area in the City of Abu Dhabi. Creating a system inspired by the Traditional Arab House and Desert Oasis, based on scientific researches, advanced site analysis, anthropology, social studies and team work. Due to the Urban Heat Island Effect, the city center of Abu Dhabi is estimated to be several degrees Celsius warmer than the surrounding natural environment; in addition to high humidity levels, high surrounded buildings and direct solar effect .This made activities spend outdoors extremely limited. Proposed systems in this case, consumes unaccounted energy amount to cool and cover these plazas which mostly affect urban environment and people. The system is a new regeneration forming zero energy outdoor cooling thermal comfort, applied as an underground and rooftop intervention to the plaza intimidating biomimicry and sustainable design factors, to fulfill community needs through diverse of social, cultural and entertainment activities. The curves flow forming an eye catching atmosphere and an exciting space to discover in urban city neighborhood, creating sustainability through techniques that provide sufficient energy to the site and the adjoining areas. Site Parameters were detected through advanced site analyzations, several environmental problems such as hot and humid atmosphere, the extreme heat stress and high air temperature made the challenge wider , on the other hand the lack of walking spaces, and the need of an open outdoor green space for working people to have break and socialize is a big investment point, if achieved by a careful considered design intervention to the plaza. Re-Coding Smart Oasis is an urban outdoor self-sufficient working system, using multiple responsive working elements developed from traditional methods and using today’s Smart Technology. Relying on 5 main components : The Cooling system, Sustainable materials, Alternative Energy Systems, Culture and activities, and green components. These Systems are revealed using an optimized typology for each unit such as Underground Cooling System, Eco Coolers, and Renewed Wind catchers “The Malqaf”.   The project is benefiting from Underground temperature difference and exploitation for cooling “Geo thermal Cooling System” To utilize the subterranean cooling and to create a space that achieves thermal comfort and preserve cool climate which will be circulated through the wind catcher. “The smart cooling system, as it responds to the weather and environmental conditions”

  • Re-Coding Smart Oasis

  • Type : Competition
  • Location : Abudhabi, UAE
  • Programmes : Landscape, Urban design, Community, Leisure
  • Year : 2020
  • Status : Unbuilt
  • Credits

  • Architect : Reparametrize Studio
  • Design Lead : Ziwar Al Nouri
  • Team : Mohammad Jumaa, Sara Faraon, Zeina Orfali, Nour