Reparametrize Studio in Syria, in cooperation with Damascus University, had the official design and implementation workshop in Syria entitled “Recoding I” This workshop is a practical application of the ideas that we presented in our previous introductory lecture in coordination with the Dean and the Head of the Department of Architecture at the University’s theater on 26 December 2017 entitled:
“Design Strategies in Digital Architecture” to illustrate the principles of digital design and its applications in the architectural field.
The main idea of the project is the design and implementation of seating and technical coverage and lighting elements on the real scale to create an interactive atmosphere for students and beautify the outer lobby of the entrance to the College of the University


Directed by : M.Arch Ziwar Al Nouri,  M.Arch Rahaf Karkouki
Thanks to Prof. Salman Mahmoud & Prof. Arch Abir Arkawi & Prof. Jamal Alahmar & all participants for the great efforts and amazing results
Participants :
Adam Deep, Tony Ayoub, Asmaa Al-lahham, Ayman Rabah, Dana Al-Droubi, Hani Dahman, Humam Mkhebarr, Leen Mahayni, Marah Sharabati, Midia Haji, Mhmd Abbar, Mirma Alwareh, Mohammad Sayyah, Nour Abo Shameh, Rand Sukkar, Rahaf Husari

Ellia Aldeeb, Haneen Khalil, Houssam Almoalem, Jana Ahmad, Laith Hammadi, Mohd Saeed Al Raddawi, Moaed Bader Aldeen, Mouaz Shubat, Naya Abdo, Noor Jamoul, Nour Y Alhariri, Orwa Zain Aldeen, Yamam Ramadan, Zainab Albasheer

Aya Fakhraldin, Hala Hassan, Hana Al Manakly, Iman Salhani, Layan Al Mahasneh, Louay Saker, Mariam Al Khudary, Zeine Moualla

Abd Al-Rahman Daâboul, Afaf Krayz, Al-Hasan Qaddah, Anmar Bdah, Aya Al-hallak, Judy Jabbour, Hala Aldaghstani, Khawla Khalouf, Bilal Saadii, Mohammad Saeed Shwaika, Noor Ghamian, Rami Amer, Rawan Alagamy, Zeinab Kahla