Recoding Post-War Syria

“ When numbers meet Architecture and Culture”

RE-CODING POST WAR -SYRIA“ when numbers meet Architecture and Culture”
Our research Re-Coding Post War Syria is to focus on innovation, collecting data by 3D scanning and using point cloud technology to map the future of Damascus, this data can help policy makers to make redevelopment plans which does not rely on complete demolition but uses the existing, and still useful, urban fabric, resulting in a very cost effective and much more sustainable post-war redevelopment .
We are working to pioneer a new methodology to regenerate the future of post-war smart city

We organized and participated in multiple international workshops ,conferences ,and exhibitions in Europe, middle east and china. and we were part of the prestigious “eye of the city” exhibition at the shenzhen biennale 2019/2020 invited by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Digital Architects

We are on ArchDaily , Dezeen , Architectural Digest Middle East ,Gradnja