Seville Restaurant

Damascus ,Syria

Where the project is represents a unique and rich intersection of art, design, and food, each augmenting the other to re- imagine hotel restaurant, and our relationships with food. The design emphasizes open accessibility to visitors and a sense of the ephemeral within a simple, comfortable environment, so in this  project it was very important to make an interior that would instantly attract the attention of passing by and driving by public to a new place

Thus, an impressive steel structure shell witch cladding with cement clay was created, this shell is cladding the column and the roof . In addition, the ceiling resembling a wave, it envelops the entire main hall of the restaurant and creates a “shell” of the space. Visually, we wanted to create something that provokes an instant association with the Asia theme, but without the use of direct references, which are so often seen in oriental restaurants.

The green walls gives no hint of what may prove to be internally. Inside, the narrow space gets a new depth through the Green vertical wall with plants from the “Alghouta” forest .The furniture is contemporary and the philosophy of this place is transporting the urban “Damascus” to a Green environment, it’s an escape from the chaos.



Ziwar Al Nouri
Bilal Beghdadi