Yac Food & Wellnes Club

Bologna , ITA

Our idea is to use a gradient wooden skin and structure to explore the structural and design possibility that this material can offer, with solar panel on the south facade in order to exploit the solar radiance, and using in the north facade algae panel to generate heat and biomass, as renewable energy sources.
The biomass and heat generated by the facade are transported by a closed loop system to the building’s energy management center, where the biomass is harvested through floatation and the heat by a heat exchanger. because the system is fully integrated with the building services,the excess heat from the photo bioreactors (pbrs) can be used to help supply hot water or heat the building, or stored for later use.

Because microalgae absorb daylight ,bioreactors can also be used as dynamic shading devices .The cell density inside the bioreactors depends on available light and the harvesting regime.


Andrea Carniti
Ziwar Al Nouri
Luca Beltrame
Marko Margeta