Reparametrize Research

Reparametrize aim to achieve well-articulated and non-bias research that’s working in parallel with our methodologies in the studio ,and to share the data we gathered. The methodologies by which we research and the strategies we develop will be disclosed as open source data in order to help professionals, companies and governments be inspired and envision meaningful and realistic solutions for post war Syria. We believe our data and strategies as well as our research methodologies can help not only Syria but also other similar problems in different parts of the world.
Our global vision is to see the world as one unit sharing all knowledge and progress equally among all social groups, religions, nationals and ethnic. We are ready to spray our optimism over all our people, we are pushing for better QUALITY of life, through our researches and strategies that insert our added values to help the new generations feel safe and prosperous. A lot of work and tasks in front of our footsteps by introducing the magic combination of Simple and practical products and outcome. We say always: a simple unit is the perfect unit.